Faces behind Utopia

Mother of 3, batik addict, missyutopia and family. The 4 definitions that took me 10 seconds to scribble down, and another 30 minutes to engrave onto a personalized bracelet. This same spontaneity happens during my design process too. As the sole designer at utopia, I have a minimum number of designs per month to keep up with. Nonetheless, it has never been stressful as designs come naturally to me, and it is my favourite part of the job. I guess the fashion instinct and love is deeply embedded in my soul. The constant stream of samples that reaches my office continues to excite me even after 17 years.

I still squeal like a little girl when I find €˜THE €™ batik for my next collection at the wholesalers. I secretly give myself a high-five when I manage to source a specific button that had plagued my brain for a long time but had no descriptive words for. Yes, the obsession is real. The canvas for my designs is always batik centric. How to make batik contemporary had been my constant endeavour. I remember vividly sending the first batch of my batik collection to the many manufacturers. All but a few had turned me down. Nearly every piece of the 2-metre batik fabric is different. It was a production nightmare! Till today, my manufacturers and I have to sift through every piece of fabric to retrieve the best print placement for each design. We have established a pattern and with help from technology, communication has gotten easier, and so, other than being batik obsessed, I have become phone fixated as decisions on which zip, ribbon, colour or placement are to be used has become an everyday part of life.

A Utopia garment is constructed with much love and it is the final product after a long journey literally and figuratively. Being part of your wardrobe is a privilege and it still dazzles me every time I spot someone wearing my design. Utopia and all of you who wear Utopia is a big part of me. Our clothes may not define us, but it definitely leaves an impression and starts a conversation. I hope with this blog, it helps you get to know your garment and its story better.