The Utopia Story

modern asian interpreted

Conceived in August 2001, utopia aspires to celebrate the Asian heritage, with modern interpretation. Fusing traditional fabrics with high fashion styles, utopia's individualistic collection evokes a refreshed sense of nostalgia.

ethnic passion

With little experience in the fashion retail business, utopia started with humbling beginnings from a tiny store in Bugis Village Market, within a non air-conditioned unit in Singapore's tropical climate. Every step of the journey was laid with obstacles and setbacks. In a bid to establish the brand as more of an original label than a multi-label imported boutique, the founders worked on expanding their line with unusual creations instead of relying on foreign imports. Together with much encouragement from the growing number of loyal fans, the immense love for ethnic fabrics outweighed the challenges. Utopia is currently available online and at three stores across Singapore.

bespoke at ready-to-wear pieces

Every design in utopia is manufactured in limited numbers. Due to the nature of the traditional fabrics, every piece is individually cut and many pieces from the same design are exclusively one-off. With the variation of prints and colours, it is usual for customers to depart with more than one piece per design. Keeping with the philosophy that quality fashion should not hurt the pocket; utopia strives to remain affordable, yet unique in design and exclusive in numbers.